Youth Program

One of the goals of our Club is to welcome and encourage the next generation to be excited about geology, rock collecting and finishing stones. We offer several programs that support these goals.

  • Kids 18 and younger get free membership with a Club member, parent or guardian.
  • Kids 18 and younger get free passes to rock collection excursions if accompanied by a club member, parent or guardian.
  • Kids 18 and younger may use the shop equipment at no cost as long as they are fully supervised by a parent or guardian that has passed the required “use of shop equipment course”.
  • As a club we love to get out in the community, especially in the schools and are willing to give presentations upon invitation if we can work out a date and time compatible with all schedules.
  • As a part of our biannual rock shows, we like to ensure that kids have a fun time and get excited about rocks when they bring their parents. We offer free rock collection starter kits, “egg carton rock kits”, and have several other fun, inexpensive child-friendly activities to experience.
  • We offer a yearly scholarship for High School age kids who submit an application and wish to pursue geology as a secondary education. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • As a club, we evolve and change as need arises. If your youth has interest that goes beyond what we offer currently feel free to make requests. We can certainly discuss them and see if we can make changes to fit the needs expressed.


October 28, 2021