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Enjoy the benefits of Club Membership; field trips, classes, lapidary shop, eNewsletters and so much more!

The Apache Junction Rock and Gem Club offers several convenient options for becoming a member.

The Annual Membership is $48.00 per adult person and is prorated based on the month you join. For example if you join in the month of January the fee is $48.00, if you join in February the fee is $44.00, if you join in March the fee is $40.00, and so on. Family applicants under the age of 18 are free and are considered Junior Members. Junior Members are not eligible to vote and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whenever participating in any club event.

All members must purchase an ID badge that is worn at all club events and while at the shop. The badge is $8.00 and is valid for four years from time of initial purchase. You will need to pay for your badge when paying your new membership.

Membership renewals are due by December 31st.

The annual renewal fee is $48.00 per person.