About Who We Are - Purpose

The purpose of the Apache Junction Rock & Gem Club shall be to provide an opportunity for hobbyists of similar lapidary interests to meet each other to:

Share information, special abilities and talents, collect and exchange gems materials and minerals as an organized club activity

To form friendships and enjoy the pleasure of socializing with each other

To provide the members of the club with the privilege of exhibiting to the public their lapidary and jewelry arts at frequent Rock Art shows sponsored by the Club.

To subscribe to, and promote the national interest in the conservation of this country's natural resources and public lands.

To conduct field trips for the purpose of collecting material and specimens specifically related to earth sciences in accordance with state and federal regulations.

To share with its members knowledge and experience gained in working with minerals specimens and gem material.

To encourage and assist junior members in furthering their education in minerals, gems and related subjects.

To foster good fellowship in the course of club activities.

We provide scholarships to students.